Sunday 26 September 2021

Parents Guide To 1st Grade Math

Parents Guide To 1st Grade Math PDF free download.  A stated objective of Common Core is to standardize academic guidelines nationwide. In other words, what first-graders are learning in math in one state should be the same as what students of the same age are learning in another state. The curricula may vary between these two states, but the general concepts behind them are similar. This approach is intended to replace wildly differing guidelines among different states, thus eliminating (in theory) inconsistent test scores and other metrics that gauge student success. 

An increased focus on math would  seem to include a wider variety of topics and concepts being taught at every grade level, including first grade. However, CCSS actually calls for fewer topics at each grade level.  For first grade, Common Core's focus is on addition and subtraction the basic math facts they will use throughout their education and  beyond as well as learning how to measure without necessarily using a ruler, and how to understand shapes. Ultimately, this focus will enable children to develop rigor in real life situations by developing a base of conceptual understanding and procedural fluency. 



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