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Quran Para 18 pdf download

 Quran Para 18 pdf download and read online.| About Quran Para 18 | Summary of Para 18 | خلاصہ قرآن پارہ نمبر 18

The eighteenth para begins with Surah Mominun, in which Allah Almighty mentioned the group of believers who will inherit the highest place of Paradise, Firdaus. It is also mentioned in this Surah that some people think that We created them without reason and they did not return to Us, although it is a fact that human beings will be resurrected after death. And they will appear before Allah and have to answer for what they did.

Surah Mominun is followed by Surah Noor in which Allah has prescribed the punishment for adultery to prevent sexual crimes and obscenity. Understand that this surah mentions measures to prevent the evil act of disposing of religious, political or business opponents with the weapon of Character Assassination. After that, the manners of entering houses were told that do not enter someone's house without permission but enter first after taking permission and greeting them.

After Surah Noor is Surah Furqan, at the beginning of which it is said, Blessed is Allah, Who sent down Furqan to His servant so that they may warn the people of the world from the punishment of Allah. Furqan means one who differentiates. The Holy Qur'an distinguishes between good and evil, guidance and misguidance, polytheism, halal and haram, etc., so it is called Furqan.


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