Monday 1 August 2022

Quran Para 6 pdf download

Quran Para 6 pdf download and read online.| About Quran Para 6 | Summary of Para 6 | خلاصہ قرآن پارہ نمبر 6

The sixth para Surah Nisa begins with the declaration that Allah does not like wrongdoing, but if an oppressed person raises his voice against the injustice done to him, then he is allowed to do so. At the end of Surah Nisa, Allah has called the Holy Qur'an as his evidence and clear light and has said that whoever holds the Holy Qur'an firmly, Allah will enter him into His grace and mercy and guide him to the straight path.

Surah Al-Nisa' is followed by Surah Al-Maidah, in which Allah commands the believers to fulfill their promises and exhorts them that they should cooperate with each other in success and good deeds and avoid sin. And one should not cooperate with one another in acts of cruelty In this surah, Allah has given permission to the people of faith to marry believing women as well as pure women of the People of the Books.


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Quran para 6 pdf 

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