Friday 14 October 2022

How to save a picture as a pdf 3 simple methods

This is a complete guide on "How to save a picture as a pdf". there are many methods to save images as pdf. This guide includes the method of converting multiple pictures and a single image.

1. How to save a picture as a pdf on windows

If you want to convert images to pdf without using any software on Windows then this simple method is for you. In this method, we use the print option to convert any image to pdf. This method is working in windows 10 easily and for another window, you will need to install any pdf reader on your pc. This is a three simple step process that can be used for multiple images to convert to a single file. Follow the below simple steps to convert any save picture as a pdf on Windows 10.

(i) right click on any image file that you want to convert to pdf and select the print option from the list of options.

(ii) In the print dialogue box choose the printer as "Microsoft Print to PDF" and uncheck the box that says "Fit picture to frame" then click on print as shown below.

(iii) The last step is to choose the Saving location and File file name to save it and your pdf file is now ready. As I already mentioned if you have multiple images or pictures, you have to collect them in a single folder and then repeat the above mention method to convert these pictures into a single pdf.

(iv) Convert Multiple Images: If you are using any other windows that do not contain the option "Microsoft Print to PDF" then you will need a pdf reader to do this process. I will recommend a pdf reader that works very perfectly called Foxit PDF Reader. You can download the free version of this website to convert images to pdf free. Download and install Foxit PDF Reader and repeat the above process but in step (ii) choose the printer as "Foxit PDF Reader printer".

2. How to save a picture as a pdf Online

This method may help you to save pictures as pdf iPhone. There are many online platforms where you can convert images to pdf for free. Search go to google and search for the keywords like jpg to pdf, image to pdf, image to pdf converter online, and jpg to pdf converter free online. You will get a number of websites. The recommended website is the adobe official website, where you can do this job very easily in a few steps.

(i) Upload images
(ii) wait for a few minutes and then there will be a download button click on it you get your pdf file.

3. How to save a picture as a pdf using Adobe Acrobat

This method is recommended for the conversion of a huge number of images into a single pdf file. Follow the below steps to save pictures as a pdf using adobe acrobat software.

i. Bring all images into a separate folder, select all images, Right click on any image now and choose the option "Combine Files in Acrobat".

ii. Your images will be open in a dialogue box "combine files". Now click on combine files as shown below.

iii. It will take some seconds to combine and then the images will open in a pdf file. The final step is to go to the file menu and save this file with your desired name.

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