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Quran Para 16 Summary

Quran Para 16 Surah Al-Kahf Summery: At the beginning of the sixteenth para, Surah Al-Kahf is approximately three Ruku. The fifteenth para ended with the mention of Hazrat Musa's meeting with a man. Hazrat Musa was not at all satisfied with this man killing a beautiful child after making a hole in his boat, so Musa objected to that too. The man said to Hazrat Musa, "Didn't I tell you that you cannot be patient with me?" On this, Musa said that if I ask any question now, you can separate me.Now both went forward together and reached a village. The people of the village were very rude. They did not show respect to the two guests. A wall had collapsed at one place in this village. Hazrat Musa's companion started its construction. When the wall was completed, the man decided to walk away. Musa said that if you wanted, you could have received compensation for this work. On hearing the question, the man said that now the time has come for you and me to separate. Before separating ways, I would like to give you an explanation of all my actions which you could not bear. The reason for the hole in the boat was that the shore where the boat stopped was ruled by a despotic king who was forcibly seizing every flawless boat. I made a hole in the boat so that the poor owner of the boat could be saved from the cruelty of the king. The beautiful child I killed was going to grow up to be a threat to his parents' faith. After his death, Allah Almighty will give his parents a righteous child in his place. The wall to be built belonged to a house owned by two orphans of the village whose father was a good man and treasure was buried under their house. God wanted the children to be young and take out their treasure and not let it fall into anyone's hands. Whatever I did was done not by my own will but by God's command.

This incident indicates the reality of Ilm-e-Ladni that perfect knowledge is with God and Allah gives as much knowledge as Allah wants to give to someone. Hazrat Musa was the Messenger but God had given the knowledge of some matters to this other anonymous and unknown man. Musa was not aware of that knowledge. This means that the knowledge that this other person had, was a knowledge given to ordinary people which was not at all necessary for the prophethood. At the same time, it is understood that there is some kind of wisdom of Allah in whatever trouble befalls a person in this world, therefore, a person should be patient and grateful.

After that, Allah Almighty mentioned the story of Dhul-Qarnain who was the owner of a vast empire. When he passed by a town, the town's people requested that a creature, which the Qur'an described as Yajuj Maguj, descend from the mountains and destroy our fields. So do something to save us. Dhul-Qarnain along with his army filled the mountain pass with lead which blocked the path of Yajuj-Majuj. But this wall will fall in near doomsday and Yajuj-Majuj will spread destruction again.

At the end of Surah Kahf, Allah Ta'ala has described the worst deeds of those who spend their energies on worldly adornment while they think they are engaged in the best of deeds. Allah says that such people are the ones who deny My signs. and the actions of such people will be wasted. Also, Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) has been ordered to announce to the people that I am a human being just like you in terms of being a child of Adam, However, revelation comes to me from God and turning to God will only be achieved by doing righteous deeds and avoiding shirk.
Quran Para 16 Surah Maryam summary (prophet isa story): After Surah Kahf is Surah Maryam. In it, Allah Ta'ala has mentioned the miraculous birth of Hazrat Esa. The wife of Hazrat Zakaria (A.S.) and the mother of Hazrat Maryam (A.S.) were sisters, thus Hazrat Zakaria (A.S.) was the  uncle (husband of maternal aunt) of Hazrat Maryam (A.S.). He had was old and his wife was also suffering. When he saw the unseasonable fruits of Sayyida Maryam, peace be upon him, he thought that Allah, who can give unseasonable fruits, can also give children without reasons, so he prayed to Allah that, O Lord, give me righteous children too. Allah heard the cry of Mr. Zakariya and blessed him with Mr. Yahya in his old age.

In the same way, Gabriel comes to Maryam and gives her the good news of a righteous son. You say that I will have a son when I have not had intercourse with any man. Jibreel says that when Allah decides to do something, Allah is not accountable to anyone. When Isa was born, Maryam became indecisive due to the fear of people's taunts. Allah strengthens her hearts and commands her that when you meet a person, you must say that I am fasting for the sake of the Most Merciful, so I will not speak to anyone. When she enters the village, the people of the village see the baby in her cradle and say O sister of Aaron, O daughter of Imran, neither your father was a bad man nor your mother unfaithful. What did you do? Isa said from Maryam's lap: I am the servant of Allah. Allah has given me the book and made me a prophet. Hearing the sound of a child lying on the lap, people become silent. In the last verses of Surah Maryam, Allah has stated that faith and righteous deeds are the recipe for creating mutual love.

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Quran Para 16 Surah TaHa summary: Surah Maryam is followed by Surah Taha. In the opening verses, Allah Ta'ala mentioned the uneasiness of the people of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) about their distance from Islam and said to prophet that you should not be worried about it. We have not sent down Holy Qur'an, so that you may suffer because of it. This book will advise only those who fear Allah. In Surah Taha, Allah Ta'ala mentioned the meeting and Conversation between allah and Musa on the mountain and said that when Musa came to Allah, Allah Ta'ala asked him, "What is in your right hand?" Mr. Musa said that this is my stick and I sweep the leaves with it and take support. Allah ordered Musa to drop the stick on the ground, which turned into a dragon as it fell, which terrified Musa. Allah now ordered Musa  to pick the dragon, which turned into a stick as soon as it came into his hand. From this incident, through Musa (peace be upon him), the whole world was told that profit or loss in anything is not its personal characteristic, but God is the Almighty, who destroys the profitable thing and can change harmful things into profitable things.  
After that, Allah ordered Mr. Musa to go in front of Pharaoh and preach with soft speech. On this occasion, Musa prayed to Allah that O my Lord, open my chest, make this easy for me, remove the knot from my tongue so that people can understand my speech properly and make my brother Aaron from my family to be my minister. Allah accepted the prayer of Mr. Musa. After that, Allah called Mr. Musa to meet him. When Musa was talking to Allah, the people of Musa started worshiping the calf made by a Samaritan in his absence. When Musa returned, he was angry to see his people in the mire of polytheism and asked Mr. Haroon why you did not fulfill your responsibility. Mr. Haroun said that I did not forced them, to prevent these people from scattering. When Mr. Musa's anger cooled, he set fire to the calf made by Samaritan and threw its ashes into the sea and proved the helplessness, ineffectiveness and powerlessness of this false god to the Israelites.
After that, Allah Ta'ala mentioned His blessings that it is Allah who sent down rain from the sky, as a result of which the fields grew grain, from which humans and animals benefited, but Allah also drew attention to the fact that That wise people do not forget their reality by getting lost in these rewards. They always remember that Allah raised them from this soil and they will be buried in this soil and their bodies will be raised from this soil on the Day of Judgment. Therefore, they use the rewards of Allah Ta'ala to prepare for the Hereafter.
At the end of Surah Taha, Allah Ta'ala has warned those who deviate from the Holy Quran. Those who do not pay attention to the teachings of the Holy Quran, their lives will be narrow and they will be presented blind on the Day of Judgment. In the end, Allah Almighty says to Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) that tell the people, that I am also waiting and you too wait, soon Allah Almighty will decide who is on the right path.
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