Saturday 16 February 2019

88 Natural Remedies. Ancient Healing Traditions for Modern Times

88 Natural Remedies. Ancient Healing Traditions for Modern Times Multi authors  Book

This book is meant to increase your knowledge about home remedies and other ways to care for your health at home, and to the best of our knowledge the information provided is accurate at the time of its publication. It is not intended as a medical manual, and neither the author nor the publisher is engaged in rendering medical or other professional advice to the individual reader. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not strictly regulate supplements and herbs, so there is no guarantee of strength, purity, or safety, and effects may vary. The illustrations in this book are general and are not intended to be used as guides to identification or instruction. You should not use the information contained in this book as a substitute for the advice of a licensed health care professional. Because everyone is different, we urge you to see a licensed health care professional to diagnose problems and supervise the use of any of these home remedies to treat individual conditions.



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