Saturday 13 April 2019

Men are closer to power and women are closer to beauty

 Throughout the ages, men have been a symbol of strength and wisdom. Men are open-minded, full of reason, and have strong arms, so people often compare men to majestic tall mountains; women have delicate emotions, a kind, pure heart, and water-like feelings, like the stream of mountain streams The drizzle of spring nourishes people's hearts.

Men are mountains, women are like water: Men have arms like mountains, mountains like mind, mountains like tall. Men are like mountains, and women will rely on them with the same will. Women have the fluidity of water, regardless of the ups and downs of emotions. Women are like water, with the vastness and tolerance of the sea. Women tolerate the trivial life, but also tolerate everything for men.

Men are mountains, women are like water: The mountain has feelings and righteousness, the mountain's feelings are heavy, the mountain never lingers, but it uses its own body to shield you from the wind and rain; the man like the mountain, not necessarily tall, but has the same mind as the mountain, let the woman rely on, let Woman feels safe. Women are like water, giving themselves with flood-like emotions, moistening and caring for their men with the same delicate and tenderness as rain and dew; women like water, often telling their thoughts with tears.

Men are mountains, women are like water. The men in the mountains are heroic and full of enthusiasm; the men in the mountains dare to be brave, dare to love and hate; the men in the mountains are strong and believe in their abilities; the men in the mountains are not afraid of failure, and they can continue to climb after falling down; mountains Even if the same man fails, that courage will make his opponent respect. Women such as water, quietly flowing mountain streams, with their own living life to compose beautiful music; a woman such as water, seemingly weak.

Men are mountains, women are like water. The mountain-like man is calm and not surprised; the mountain-like man is kind-hearted, full of justice, and sophisticated in texture; the mountain-like man nourishes the heart like rain and dew; the mountain-like man is like a breeze, making everything simple and refreshing; Women are like water, clear and bright. With a loving, kind heart, people around feel warmth; women are like water, so that every dry heart can be nourished.

Men are mountains, women are like water. A mountain-like man is sensible, intelligent, able to live in desperation, and can lead everyone to find an exit when there is no way to go. When seeing the beam of light leading to the outside world, others cried happily , Even crying, he smiled faintly. Women are like water, full of tenderness, and easily injured. A woman loves him wholeheartedly with her sensitive heart; a woman is easy to get hurt, but she can always tolerate all kinds of misfortune, and strives to adapt herself to the environment. A woman like water can melt hard things with her tenderness.

Men are mountains, women are like water. Although the mountain is heavy and full of responsibility, it is humorous. A mountain-like man is not a stiff man, but it's nothing but a blockbuster; the mountain-like man is like the seasoning of life, and often makes the plain life taste. A woman is like water, a person is quietly enduring loneliness, listening to his voice quietly, and waiting for his own sky; a woman is like water, with a restless heart in the silence, rippling waves, sending out all kinds of wonderful Sound to prove their existence. A woman like water sings for others with her sincerity and enthusiasm.

If a man is a mountain, he should have a broad mind like a mountain, to accommodate the whole world, and embrace his beloved woman with a broad arm like a mountain; a man should be as strong as a mountain, sum up experience in failure , fall and then climb up; Men should have the same reason as the mountains, understand what they need to do and how to do it; men should have the same fun as the mountains, and make people around them happy; men should have the same vitality as the mountains, and always be positive and not let Fallen yourself.

Women are like water, they should nourish everyone's heart with the same warmth as water, and the kindness of water makes others feel warm; women like water, women should have water-like qualities, a gentle heart under the gentle appearance, not Will lose himself in frustration, but move forward bravely, using the power of dripping water to wear stones.

Women should be as happy as water, and use cheerful movements to resist troubled attacks. The man is a mountain, and embraces the woman's water-like feelings with the chest of the mountain. The mountains surround the water, and the water reflects the mountains, forming an eternal landscape.

War and peace between men and women

Men are rational, women are emotional, which puts a hazy color on the relationship between men and women.

But sometimes, men's reason is very hurtful for women. Because of his behavior, sometimes she can't feel the direction, feel the warmth, and feel the sweetness. Finally, she can only watch the love wither and deteriorate. After all, when a man is using his reason to kill love, when can he become emotional? The woman wanted to know.

Women are destined to be weak, passive, and hurt because of their sensibility. Women can forget the harm, heal the wounds, survive independently and live well. They can even do without the dependence of men and ignore the shoulders and care of men. But only a few, most women are sentimental, injured, sad, helpless, and weak.

For love, people can never find a perfect formula. If love is paid without consideration, then it means that a party must be relentlessly asking for it. Such love is unequal and meaningless. It can even be said that it is a waste of time, youth, emotion, and resources. 

Where is the most perfect love? Who got real love again, woman or man?

When one party loves too much, the other party must be too cold.
When one side is so painful that it can't help itself, the other side is indifferent.
When a person comes to the world empty-handed to create a life, he must leave empty-handedly. When a person walks around the world, what he gains and loses. In this prosperous world, what is the pursuit of flamboyant. In this way, the people on the Internet are working tirelessly, sleeping and forgetting food, staying up late to watch the screen, and throwing away their blood for what, if it is a hobby, if it is a life's foil, then we need to spend so much attention to serve a foil Species? What can we get from it, just a good mood? But why do so many people have such high demands for love, such as education, money, family background, development space, family match, temperament, nature, fate, etc., what is perfect? 

What kind of love is happy?
It can be said that love is the cornerstone of a woman's spiritual food and life. If a woman does not have love, then the world is gray. No love, no family; no children, life would not be renewed; life can not continue, there would be no life sustenance; there is no hope hope, life would lack meaning, becoming a life can end at any time.

A woman needs love and dignity, because once she loses her dignity, she becomes a slave to love.

So, when a man no longer needs you, you have to walk neatly and naturally, waving your hand without taking away a cloud. Woman, you have to learn to walk so chicly. 
Woman, please straighten your waist, from now on, be a woman with a good appearance and a strong heart.

Who makes women so desperate and so nervous? Who makes women no longer gentle? Who made a woman cry in tears? Men have certain responsibilities.

Men and women live on the same planet, and two people meet in a tens of thousands of people. This is the fate of the previous life. Therefore, men and women should have less war and more peace, cherish and support each other.

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