Saturday 13 April 2019

The Miracles and Magic of a Smile | Smile is the best cosmetic for women

 No matter where you go, you must greet everyone you know with a happy mood and a sweet smile, shaking hands with others sincerely, don’t be afraid of expressing mistakes, and don’t remember hating people, always thinking of happy things. Over time, you will find your life is full of fun, your goals can be achieved at any time, and the world has become so cute.

If a person's facial expression is friendly, gentle, and full of joy, then it will be more attractive than her wearing high-end, gorgeous clothes It is attractive and more popular because a woman with a pleasant attitude can win the favor of a man more than a woman with a gorgeous dress.

Smiling shortens the distance between people and makes people communicate with each other. People who like to smile often tend to walk into each other's world.

If action is more powerful than words, then smiling is silent action, which means: "I am very satisfied with you, you make me happy, and I am happy to see you."

A woman with a smile will have a chance of success because her smile can illuminate everyone who sees her. No one wants to help those who are frowning and sad all day long, let alone trust them. And for women who are under pressure from their bosses, colleagues, clients or families, a smile can help them understand that everything can be solved, and everything in the world is not as difficult as imagined.

As long as you observe carefully, you will find that many people can hold their feet in society, starting with a smile. There are also many people who have gained excellent popularity in society, and they also started with a smile. Many people are unhindered in their careers, and they succeed by smiling. A smile is a very delicate thing, it can ripple through layers of life, turning a living lake into a beauty that originates from the depths of life.

Anyone hopes that he can leave a good impression on others. Such a good impression can create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere and can establish a friendly relationship with each other. One must rely on these relationships in society to gain a foothold, and smiling is the golden key to opening the door to happiness.

If a smile can accompany your life, then you will transcend the limitations of your own life, get the true meaning of life, and make your life full of vitality and splendor from beginning to end. Treat everyone with your smile, then you will become the most popular person.

Smile, it does not cost anything, but it can create many miracles; it enriches those who accept it, but does not make those who give it become barren; it is produced in a flash, but it leaves permanent memories; it creates a Happy family, builds friendly relationships between people; it is a lounge for the weary, a stimulant for the depressed, and sunshine for the sad. So, if you want to get the favor of others, please give people a sincere smile.

A smile is a kind of syrup, which can bring people happiness, warmth, and encouragement; a smile is a sign of friendship and a bridge that integrates everything; a smile can also turn dry into jade silk, coordinate the relationship between people and create a happy and harmonious atmosphere.

Smile is also the catalyst of love, the centripetal force of the family, the lubricant of interpersonal communication; a smile can give people the enjoyment of beauty; a smile is also a signal of tolerance, understanding, and love to others. Faced with such an expression, who would refuse?

When others ask for you, they often have a stunning mind. At this time, you want to refuse but you can't explain the reason, and you can't say anything to the other party, but you can't let the other party stop. saying "no" will increase the other party's uneasiness and produce a strong reaction.

What should I do?
A smile can ease the tension and save the other party from embarrassment, as well as the trouble caused by poor speech, and has the effect of "silent wins at this time". Moreover, a smile can also give you time to think and find a clever way to deal with it.

Research pointed out that sorrow can make people's heart rate slow down and body temperature can drop, white a smile can make people's heart rate quicker and body temperature rise... depressed, empty, tense, and lethargic emotions. Get overcome.

When a guest visits or you walk into an unfamiliar environment, both sides are often uneasy because of feeling strange or shy. At this time, if you smile, you can relax the nervous nerves, eliminate the alertness and strangeness between each other, and produce a good sense of trust and closeness. Remember: to make others smile, you have to smile first.

If you accidentally step on someone's foot in the elevator or on the bus, you may wish to say "Sorry" with a sincere smile, a small trouble can be easily resolved. Therefore, when it is difficult to express your mood in words, smiling is the best communication tool.

In socializing, people always like to interact with people who have a bright personality and a smile, while those who have a lovely personality and a cold expression are always far away. Excellent TV presenters, public relations ladies, and salespersons. The mystery they love is often because they have a moving smile.

There is an old saying: "Laughing is a blessing." Smile is born of happiness, and happiness is born with joy, that is, "love moves in the middle and forms outside." Therefore, in social interactions, as long as you always surpass your emotional confusion, you can maintain a relaxed and happy mood, and your face will also have a happy smile, and infect others, and the smiles of others will, in turn, strengthen you The joy and smile of yours form a virtuous circle of interpersonal relationship between you and others. This will undoubtedly greatly promote the development of your personality and creativity, and lay a cornerstone for you to get things done.

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