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Quran Para 22 pdf download

Quran Para 22 pdf download free in HD colored print. You can download this pdf but you cannot make any sort of printing because the pdf file is locked. So this is the best 16-line Quran Pak colored with nice blue borders. The image shown below is of low quality but the original pdf file is of high quality which you can download from the below link.


Quran Para 22 Summary:

The 22 para begins with Surah Ahzab, verse 31, and ends with Surah Yaa Seen, verse 27. At the beginning of Surah Al-Ahzab, Allah Almighty has addressed the Mothers of the Believers (wives of Prophet Muhammad) and said that whoever among the Mothers of the Believers dedicates herself to Allah and His Messenger and does good deeds, Allah will give her a double reward. Allah said that pure Rizq has been prepared for them. At the same time, Allah Ta'ala advised the mothers of the believers that when you talk to someone, you should not speak in a soft voice so that whoever has a disease in their heart should not be greedy after listening to your voices. Allah Ta'ala also advised the mothers of the believers to stay in their homes and established veil and  don't make up ornaments and to establish prayer, pay Zakat and obey Allah and Prophet Muhammad. Indeed, Allah Ta'ala wants to remove impurity from the family of the Prophet and make them pure. In this Surah, Allah Ta'ala also clarified the issue of the Mouth said son, and said that this is not a real son. In this surah, Allah Ta'ala ordered the believers to remember Allah frequently and to engage in the remembrance of Allah Ta'ala in the morning and evening.

Surah Al-Ahzab is followed by Surah Saba. In Surah Saba, Allah Almighty says that all praise is due to Allah, to Whom belongs everything in the heavens and the earth, and His praise is in the Hereafter. Allah knows what goes into the earth and what comes out of it and what descends from the sky and ascends to it, and Allah is Merciful and Forgiving. In this surah, Allah Ta'ala mentions His rewards for Dawood and Sulaiman, how Allah subjugated the mountains and birds for Dawood, and softened iron in his hands, and subjugated the journeys of airs of months for Dawood.

Allah had made the jinn subject to their orders. In this surah, Allah Ta'ala has mentioned the settlement of Saba that surely there was a sign for the people of Saba in this place, there were two gardens on their right and left. Allah Ta'ala said: "Eat the sustenance given by your Lord and be grateful to allah for it, it is a pure city and it is God who forgives sins. But they turned away, so Allah says: We sent upon them a raging flood and turned both of their gardens into gardens bearing bad fruit and some berries. We repaid them for their disbelief. It was given for a reason and We only give such a reward to the ungrateful. In this surah, Allah Almighty also mentioned that Allah Almighty sent the Messenger of Allah as a bearer of good news and a warner for all mankind, but the majority of people did not accept this.

After Surah Saba is Surah Fatir. In Surah Fatir, Allah Almighty states that all praises are for Allah, the Creator of the earth and the heavens. He has also chosen messengers from among the angels. Some angels have two wings, some have three and some have four wings. And Allah increases His creation as He wills. Verily, Allah Almighty is able to do everything. Gabriel Amin is the chief of the angels and Allah Ta'ala has given over six hundred wings to Gabriel. In this surah, Allah Ta'ala mentions those misguided people who see their wrong actions as good. 

Surah Fatir is followed by Surah YaSeen. In Surah Yaseen, Allah swore by the Holy Qur'an and said, Verily, Muhammad (PBUH) is one of the Messengers and his path is the straight path.

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