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Quran Para 23 pdf download

Quran Para 23 pdf download free in HD colored print. You can download this pdf but you cannot make any sort of printing because the pdf file is locked. So this is the best 16-line Quran Pak colored with nice blue borders. The image shown below is of low quality but the original pdf file is of high quality which you can download from the below link.

 Quran Para 23 Summary:

Quran Para 23 Starts with the remaining verses of surah yaseen. This surah is called the heart of the Holy Quran. By reading it in the morning, the work of the whole day is done correctly. In these verses, the prophethood of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is being proven. Allah is swearing by the Holy Qur'an, full of wisdom, that (O my beloved!) You are surely among the prophets. In verse number five, the holy duty of Muhammad (PBUH) is described, that Prophet Muhammad should frighten those people whose ancestors were not frightened before. It refers to Makkah and its surroundings because no prophet was sent here after Hazrat Ibrahim and Ismail (peace be upon them).

The story of the three messengers in Para 23

In this para the story of the three messengers is being narrated in several verses. The Holy Quran did not clearly specify the township or the names of the messengers. However, in some traditions, the name of the township is Antakya and the names of the messengers are Sadiq, Sadduk and Shalom (peace be upon them). Allah Ta'ala first sent the two messengers, people rejected them. Then Allah sent the third Messenger to support and strengthen them, but the people of the town did not listen to him and denied.

The story of a man who accepted Islam among these people.The name of the "man" is mentioned in the traditions as Habib bin Ismail Najjar, he used to work as a carpenter. He had accepted the faith on the invitation of the messengers. When he heard the condition of the people of the city that they were treating the messengers in this way, He came running to the city and explained to the people in a very good manner as a form of sympathy that they should obey the words of the messengers. But the nation martyred him.

After the martyrdom, Habib Najjar was given the good news of entering Paradise by Allah. Entry into Paradise will happen after the announcement of Hashr, however, some righteous people are granted some blessings of Paradise in the world of Barzakh by Allah. Habib Najjar, seeing the blessings in heaven, expressed regret that I wish my people knew what blessings I have been blessed with! When the disobedience of the nation increased further, Allah Ta'ala punished them. 


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